International Conference on Family Planning

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November 2, 2018
Lead Paragraph/Summary

A wicker disc displays various contraceptive methods

The International Conference on Family Planning (ICFP) is taking place November 12-15, 2018 in Kigali, Rwanda. GHSC-PSM will be there. Join us at one of these exciting sessions:

Workshop: From Local Decisions to Global Markets: A workshop on improving family planning public sector market health to impact long-term client outcomes.  

  • Presenters: Morgan Simon, Market Dynamics Specialist 
  • Time: November 11, 9:00AM – 1:00PM
  • Location: KCC AD11

Panel: Improving FP outcomes: Exploring four supply chain interventions that have supported success in Rwanda 

  • Our Presentation: eLMIS implementation in Rwanda: Ensuring contraceptive security through effective management of logistics data 
  • Moderator: Ines Buki, Rwanda Country Director 
  • Presenters: Juvenal Majoro, Logistics Advisor and Max Kabalisa, Rwanda Technical Director 
  • Time: November 13, 2:35 - 3:55PM
  • Location: KCC MH1

Panel: Introducing generic family planning health products to improve supply security

  • Our Presentation: Assessing the introduction of generic oral contraceptives to support healthy market development at the global and local level 
  • Presenter: Morgan Simon, Market Dynamics Specialist 
  • Time: November 13, 4:20 – 5:40PM
  • Location: KCC AD4 

Panel: Advances in Monitoring and Evaluation Methods

  • Our Presentation: Where and how to act! Using big data to target actions in distribution of family planning commodities: Nigeria
  • Presenter: Andrew Inglis, Advanced Analytics Manager 
  • Time: November 15, 11:55AM – 1:15PM
  • Location: KCC AD9 

Panel: You Can’t Manage What You Can’t See: The Global Family Planning Visibility and Analytics Network and contraceptive security 

  • Our Presentation: Sharing is Caring: the value of enhanced data sharing/data visibility through multilateral agreements that work for the community and support data visibility 
  • Presenter: Ellen T. Tompsett, Global Collaboration Manager 
  • Time: November 15, 11:55AM – 1:15PM
  • Location: KCC MH1 

Poster: How to understand and apply a country’s contraceptive security attributes toward advances in family planning

  • Presenter: Thidiane Ndoye, FP/RH Task Order Director 
  • Time: November 15, 8:00-11:AM
  • Location: Auditorium Terrace