Final Report: Summary of Key Findings and Additional Recommendations

Authored on
February 5, 2017

The GS1 Standards Implementation Project developed strategic recommendations for implementing and supporting GS1 Standards across USAID’s global health supply chain. Primary objectives included ensuring that ARTMIS is designed properly to capture product information according to GS1 Standards, developing a strategy for implementing GS1 Standards with the USAID supplier base, and informing country-level logistics management information system (LMIS) tools on the USAID/GHSC-PSM GS1 implementation to help ensure data can continue down the chain to truly create end-to-end visibility.

Of the five reports prepared as part of this initiative, this document is Report 5, Summary of Key Findings and Additional Recommendations. Based on research findings about the GHSC-PSM supply chain and the larger global health supply chain (as described in the annexes), this report seeks to help crystalize the challenges and the ripple effect of GS1 Standards implementation goals from GHSC-PSM, to countries and to other donor organizations. It covers key findings and recommendations for:

• GHSC-PSM and ARTMIS: connecting key concepts of the GS1 Standards-based supply chain to GHSC-PSM as part of the larger supply chain
• Recipient countries: connecting key concepts of GS1 Standards-based supply chains to help guide them in identifying process and system changes needed to leverage GS1 Standards
• Other partners (other donor organizations and business intelligence and analysis considerations): connecting supply chain information needs with GS1 Standards to highlight long-term goals and standards implementation efforts


September 26, 2019