Technical Report: Technical Review of the Ability of ARTMIS to Support GS1 Standards

Authored on
February 5, 2017

The GS1 Standards Implementation Project developed strategic recommendations for implementing and supporting GS1 Standards across USAID’s global health supply chain. Primary objectives included ensuring that ARTMIS is designed properly to capture product information according to GS1 Standards, developing a strategy for implementing GS1 Standards with the USAID supplier base, and informing country-level logistics management information system (LMIS) tools on the USAID/GHSC-PSM GS1 implementation to help ensure data can continue down the chain to truly create end-to-end visibility.

Of the five reports prepared as part of this initiative, this document is Report 1, Technical Review of the Ability of ARTMIS to Support GS1 Standards. The review of ARTMIS supporting this report considered GS1 identifiers, data attributes, data capture mechanisms, data sharing, reporting, serialization, and track and trace.

This report:
• Identifies any major design issues in ARTMIS
• Identifies any major process gaps in leveraging ARTMIS design, particularly around Source and Deliver/Return functions
• Develops mitigating strategies
• Provides a roadmap for the future of serialization and track and trace due to regulatory changes
• Provides detailed analysis and enhancements to ARTMIS as a result of anticipated regulatory changes


September 26, 2019