About GHSC

The USAID Global Health Supply Chain Program (GHSC) is a collection of 8 complementary projects working to achieve stronger, more resilient health supply chains that ensure an uninterrupted stream of quality health products and services for millions of people worldwide. 

Projects under the GHSC umbrella include:

  • Business Intelligence and Analytics (GHSC-BIA) collects, integrates, and makes available data from all supply chain contractors for greater transparency of finances, orders, shipments, and technical assistance.
  • Project Last Mile applies private-sector solutions to strengthen health system business practices, particularly in supply chain management and marketing communications.
  • Procurement and Supply Management (GHSC-PSM) provides an array of services for commodity procurement, supply, and systems strengthening technical assistance in four health areas: HIV/AIDS; malaria; family planning and reproductive health (FP/RH); and maternal, newborn, and child health (MNCH).
  • Promoting the Quality of Medicines (PQM) helps ensure the quality and safety of priority medicines by strengthening country quality assurance systems.
  • Quality Assurance (GHSC-QA) provides quality assurance services for health commodities.
  • Rapid Test Kits IDIQ (GHSC-RTK) procures and ships HIV Rapid Test Kits (RTKs).
  • The USAID Medicines, Technologies, and Pharmaceutical Services (MTaPS) Program (2018-2024) helps low- and middle-income countries strengthen their pharmaceutical systems to ensure sustainable access to and appropriate use of safe, effective, quality-assured, and affordable essential medicines and pharmaceutical services.
  • Technical Assistance Multiple Award IDIQ (GHSC-TA) provides specialized country-specific supply chain technical assistance. This project consists of five sub-projects
    • GHSC-TA South Africa
    • GHSC-TA Tanzania
    • GHSC-TA Cote d’Ivoire
    • GHSC-TA Francophone Task Order
    • GHSC-TA National Supply Chain Assessment

By incorporating lessons learned over the last decade of global health supply chain management, GHSC consolidates USAID’s primary supply purchasing and distribution power across the health sector, with increased efficiencies and cost savings to create one streamlined and integrated supply chain.