Supply Chain Heroes

Reaching those in need is about more than the last mile — it takes an entire supply chain. From the distribution advisor in Nigeria to the nurse in Rwanda, these supply chain heroes work to ensure critical health commodities get to those who need them most — the patient.

Take a closer, more in-depth look at some of the supply chain heroes in Burundi, Ghana and Rwanda and the work they do as technicians, pharmacists, and health care providers. 


Supply Chain Heroes Overview

Supply chain heroes come from all over the world and contribute in different ways. Watch this video to learn more about the series and these heroes.


Thank You For the Medicine: Supplies Saving Lives in Rwanda

Meet pharmacist and supply chain hero Aimable Bigirimana. He is a critical link in the global health supply chain. He ensures the delivery of life-saving medicines to Rwandans every day—and always with a smile.


Proud of My Job: Delivering HIV Testing and Treatment in Burundi

Laboratory technician and mother, Anita Shimirimana plays a critical role in the health supply chain in Burundi. Through her work at Ngozi Autonomous Hospital, patients who undergo HIV blood tests receive results, the necessary treatment, and the services they need to live healthier lives.


My Dream for My Children: Life Without Malaria

Jean Paul Hategekimana is a dedicated husband, father, educator, and laboratory manager at Nyagatare Hospital in Eastern Province, Rwanda. With support from the U.S. President's Malaria Initiative, Jean Paul and his community are connected to the supply chain and can receive continuous, reliable supplies of rapid diagnostic tests and malaria medicines.


Behind the Scenes Hero: Quality Warehousing Prevents Malaria in Burundi

George Ntamagara's role as warehouse and logistics specialist for malaria supplies is a key piece to ensuring children in Burundi are protected from malaria.


Being the First to Hold a Baby: Delivering Oxytocin Saves Mothers' Lives in Ghana

To ensure safe delivery for mothers, midwife Veronica Finu must have quality oxytocin on hand. Oxytocin manages bleeding during and after childbirth, but must be kept cold to maintain its quality. Veronica and other midwives across Ghana depend on the supply chain to deliver the drug and keep it cold.