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Woman medical worker takes inventory
Woman medical worker takes inventory
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Our Automated Requisition Tracking Management Information System (ARTMIS) is central to achieving USAID’s vision of one end-to-end, comprehensive health supply chain that provides real-time data and reliable services to country programs and missions.

The system, which works hand in hand with our product e-catalog, is being developed and implemented through a series of releases to accommodate all sourcing events.

Before gaining full access to ARTMIS or the product e-catalog, users must complete a series of trainings.

Responding to Sourcing Events on ARTMIS

The following training session and presentation provides an introduction to ARTMIS that provides more information on the appropriate use of ARTMIS and potentially doing business with GHSC-PSM.

ARTMIS Release 2 Supplier Training (YouTube video)

This video recording of a training session provides a comprehensive presentation for organizations interested in doing business with GHSC-PSM on how to respond to and participate in a GHSC-PSM sourcing event on ARTMIS. This recording is approximately 1.25 hours in length and is in English. You may view all or portions of it at any time.

ARTMIS Release 2 Sourcing-Supplier Job Aid (Powerpoint)

This slide presentation, in English, illustrates the actions required of organizations when responding to a GHSC-PSM sourcing event on ARTMIS: viewing an invitation to a sourcing event; logging onto ARTMIS; viewing, accepting, and responding to a sourcing event; entering a bid; and viewing and sending messages through ARTMIS.

Training Requirements & Requests

Before gaining full access to ARTMIS or the product e-catalog, users must complete a series of trainings on its key four components:

  1. Procurement: Sourcing, Contract Management, Supplier Lifecycle Management, Program Management
  2. Catalog/Requisition Order: Browsing the Catalog, Creating/Modifying/Approving Requisition Orders
  3. Order Fulfillment: Modifying Requisition Orders, Replenishment Orders, Drop Shipments, Purchase Orders
  4. Reporting: Ad hoc and Pre-Defined Reports

To request access to this additional training, please complete the following request forms.

Contact Information

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