Product Master Data Reference Guide and Toolkit

Authored on
March 6, 2020

The Product Master Data Management (PMDM) Reference Guide outlines strategic considerations and guidelines for an accessible and consistent approach to communicate and manage accurate product information throughout the product lifecycle. The ability to properly maintain product master data is critical for end-to-end data visibility and pharmaceutical traceability and, underpins all functions of the healthcare supply chain, from marketing authorization by regulatory authorities to stock management and issuing commodities at the point of dispensing. 
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The Product Master Data Management (PMDM) Reference Guide Toolkit serves as an annex to the Product Master Data Management Reference Guide. It contains practical examples, tools, and templates to support users in implementing disciplined approaches to defining, sourcing and managing product master data. 
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The PMDM Reference Guide and its supporting Toolkit is a part of GHSC-PSM’s Global Standards and Traceability suite of tools.


October 23, 2020