GHSC-PSM Co-authors Lab Network Optimization ASLM Article

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September 16, 2019
Lead Paragraph/Summary

The latest issue of the African Society for Laboratory Medicine (ASLM) Lab Culture magazine features an article coauthored by GHSC-PSM and colleagues from the USAID Office of HIV/AIDS and the Clinton Health Access Initiative on “Optimizing national laboratory networks for effective disease control.” The authors discuss how laboratory network optimization can enhance laboratory networks by being both cost effective and improve patient test result turnaround time. From the article:


“Laboratory network optimization allows for the design of improved laboratory networks. It defines the most optimal instrument mix (type and number of instruments), identifies an appropriate location where each instrument should be placed based on their specific role and demand characteristics, and designs an efficient referral system to connect testing demand with POC [point of care], near-POC, or conventional laboratory-based testing sites.”

Read the full article in ASLM’s Issue 21 of Lab Culture, pages 12-13.