Project Approach

We work to improve the availability of health commodities worldwide, including innovative programs and products on a sustainable basis. By negotiating with suppliers and working with country governments, we build cost-efficient, sustainable systems that reach more people and save more lives.

We use the following strategies to support comprehensive supply chain activities in countries across the globe to achieve health priorities set by the U.S. government, including those for HIV and AIDS, malaria, newborn and child health, maternal health and family planning, and emerging concerns like Ebola and Zika.

Procurement and Supply Planning

We strategically source and manage quality-assured health commodities like essential medicines and long-lasting insecticide-treated nets. Our technical experts guide and strengthen supply-chain processes from procurement to storage to delivery in real time.

Technical Assistance to Partner Countries

From logistics planning to strategic policy change to workforce development, we partner with various country stakeholders to build capacity in countries like Burma, Ethiopia, Guyana, and Zambia, enabling participants to improve and expand health supply chains for themselves.

Global Strategic Engagement

We help raise awareness and engage with impactful and relevant global partners to better coordinate resources and collaborate on supply chain solutions. We also leverage technology and data systems so country leaders and other partners have the information they need to make strategic decisions and facilitate action.

USAID Global Health Supply Chain Program

The umbrella USAID Global Health Supply Chain Program (GHSC) brings a new approach to achieving the agency's global health priorities aiming to reach millions more people through increased efficiencies and cost savings. By incorporating lessons learned over the last decade of global health supply chain management, GHSC consolidates the agency's primary supply purchasing and distribution projects across the health sector, creating one streamlined supply chain.

Our project is one of eight in the GHSC family:

  • Procurement and Supply Management (GHSC-PSM) provides services through four health area task orders, including HIV/AIDS; malaria; population and reproductive health; and maternal, newborn, and child health
  • Rapid Test Kits IDIQ (GHSC-RTK) is a small business set-aside to procure HIV rapid test kits
  • Technical Assistance Multiple Award IDIQ (GHSC-TA) provides additional options for supply chain technical assistance
  • Systems for Improved Access to Pharmaceuticals and Services (SIAPS) ensures the availability of quality-assured pharmaceutical products and services by strengthening country systems
  • Promoting the Quality of Medicines (PQM) helps ensure the quality and safety of priority medicines by strengthening country quality assurance systems
  • Quality Assurance (GHSC-QA) focuses on assuring the quality of health commodities by creating a comprehensive quality assurance program and risk-based quality control strategy
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics (GHSC-BIA) collates data from all supply chain contractors for data transparency into finances, orders, shipments, and technical assistance
  • Last Mile Project applies private-sector solutions to strengthen health system business practices, particularly in supply chain management and marketing communications