Phase 5 - Standardized Logistic Label Guidance

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This Webinar was hosted by GHSC-PSM’s Global Standards team to formally announce and educate suppliers about our upcoming Phase 5 requirements for the recently adopted standardized logistic unit label. The Webinar discusses in detail the rationale for the harmonized logistic label, its applications, and the timeline that GHSC-PSM has set for implementing these new labelling requirements. With support from the global health community, GHSC-PSM’s Phase 5 requirements go live on December 30, 2024. 

Standardized Logistic Label Introduction – Phase 5 Requirements and Guidance


This resource below acts as a visual aid to suppliers, supporting the decision-making process in identifying which logistic unit configuration scenario is relevant to their organization. Additionally, this serves as a reference tool for justification of GSHC-PSM’s requests for data element encoding/barcoding based on procurement practices between our organizations. Mostly, this decision tree will support suppliers that ship several variants of logistic unit composition, serving as a self-guided tool to align implementation with existing processes

Logistic Label - Decision Tree Tool