Performance Report: Global Standards Top Performers List

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The top supplier score list is intended to highlight our top-performing suppliers regarding the implementation of our global standards requirements, achieving a compliance score of 95% or higher in a given Phase (90% in the case of wholesalers/distributors).

Scope of Suppliers
Suppliers are scored if they supply items that are deemed in scope for the GS1 requirements meeting all the criteria below:

  • Pharmaceuticals, medical devices, laboratory reagents, and sterile kits
  • Items in those categories under long-term agreements
  • Items in those categories that we have ordered before


  •  Identify: Allocate and provide GTINs for all levels of the packaging hierarchy and GLNs for sold-from and manufacture-from location/entities
  •  Capture: Suppliers are expected to provide scannable photographs, proofs, or other evidence to validate labeling implementation as described in the Labeling and Barcode Requirements.
  •  Share: Publish and successfully synchronize master data through the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN)

Score Methodology

The supplier scorecard explainer outlines the GS1 requirements and how each impacts the supplier phase and overall GS1 score.