Tool: Comprehensive Workforce Systems Approach

Sub Title
Supply Chain Management Professionalization Framework
Authored on
January 8, 2020

An ongoing challenge in supply chain management (SCM) is ensuring that enough SCM professionals who have the competencies to deliver effective SCM are available to countries’ supply chain organizations. This need, combined with the knowledge that SCM professionals are in increasing demand in the private sector and other government institutions, indicates that SCM human resources (HR) challenges will continue and may become more acute in the future.

To better understand the issues of availability and use of SCM human resources in a country context, the USAID Global Health Supply Chain Program-Procurement and Supply Management (GHSC-PSM) project, in conjunction with USAID and People that Deliver (PtD), believes that a “whole of SCM labor market” approach provides a deeper and more holistic understanding of the SCM employment environment. We believe that an SCM professionalization framework containing an agreed-to competency framework core could be used by four distinct groups:

  1. Governments to define standards for the profession
  2. Employers to articulate SCM competency requirements and career pathways in their organizations
  3. Institutions of learning to define clear learning and teaching courses
  4. SCM employees to map out a professional career in SCM

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January 27, 2020