COVID-19 Investments Support Long-Term Emergency Preparedness and Response

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Lead Paragraph/Summary

Since 2020, GHSC-PSM has supported the Government of Burkina Faso to effectively respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. Covering almost all aspects of supply chain management, the project helped forecast quantities for the large volume of health commodities needed for COVID-19 response, secured additional warehousing to store them, provided major laboratories with diagnostic supplies, and planned vaccine stock monitoring during the four rounds of vaccine campaigns.

Two areas of the project’s work for COVID-19 response support localized capacity building for long-term emergency preparedness and response.

To support data visibility for vaccination campaigns, GHSC-PSM developed an online logistics data reporting application for the Ministry of Health. Known as NetSIGL, the application is used to collect data from health centers and communicate information for supply chain managers to ensure vaccine availability. Although developed for COVID-19, the tool will be used to manage all vaccines in Burkina Faso, starting currently with two pilot districts. Once GHSC-PSM ends, the Information Systems Directorate within the Ministry of Health will manage the application in partnership with the Division of Prevention through Vaccination.

GHSC-PSM also helped the Ministry of Health to develop standard operating procedures (SOPs) for an incident management system of public health emergencies. The new procedures included key supply chain activities like deployment of materials and equipment, emergency transport management, and selection and quantification of health commodities. Although developed for COVID-19, the SOPs will be applied to any new threats to health security. For the long-term, the Health Emergency Response Operations Center (CORUS) is responsible for updating, dissemination, and training on the SOPs.

Emerging public health threats can spread quickly across borders. Ensuring the sustainability of COVID-19 investments like NetSIGL and the new SOPs is essential to emergency response in Burkina Faso and globally. For more on USAID’s Global Health Security agenda, click here.