Shin Poong Pharmaceutical Company is the First USAID Supplier to Align with Phase 5 Standardized Logistic Unit Label Requirements

Lead Paragraph/Summary

GHSC-PSM’s Phase 5 Guidelines for a standardized logistic unit label – a label that allows users to identify logistic units uniquely so that they can be tracked and traced throughout the supply chain – were designed in 2023 when the global health community convened to update the Global Standards Technical Implementation Guideline for Global Health Commodities. This document lays out a single guideline for the implementation of standards-based labeling, data capture, and data sharing, endorsed by USAID, StopTB/GDF, UNDP, UNFPA, UNICEF, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Gavi, PEPFAR, PM1. With support from the global health community, GHSC-PSM’s Phase 5 requirements go live on December 30, 2024.

A logistic unit is an item of any composition established for transport and/or storage that needs to be managed throughout the supply chain. In line with the GS1 Logistic Label Guideline, logistic labels are to be uniquely identified with a Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC)—encoded with Application Identifier (AI) (00). This SSCC serves as a “license plate” for the logistic unit as it is transported. The Phase 5 requirements add a layer of required AI—including (02) Content, (10) Batch/Lot Number, (17) Expiration Date, and (37) Count.1

In January 2024, Shin Poong Pharmaceutical Company— a Malaria Pharmaceuticals supplier —became the first USAID GHSC-PSM supplier to implement a standardized logistic unit label and achieve Phase 5 compliance. This rapid implementation followed the December 2023 Global Standards & Traceability team’s educational webinar focused on the phased requirement’s launch. Specifically, Shin Poong achieved Phase 5 compliance for logistic units containing Pyramax tablets and Pyramax granules.

Shin Poong’s implementation began with label design and development in September 2023. By mid-January 2024, GHSC-PSM had received various Shin Poong label samples, representing several different scenario-dependent configurations of their label. This preemptive compliance can be accredited to the Shin Poong team’s commitment to championing GS1 Global Standards within their organization, and collaborating with their local GS1 Member Organization, GS1 Korea. GHSC-PSM implores its supplier community to also proactively dedicate time and effort to meet Phase 5 standardized label requirements ahead of the December 30, 2024, deadline.

A standardized logistic unit label allows downstream partners to scan logistic units for Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) warehousing and distribution activities without breaking down units to increase efficiencies in operations such as receiving and product verification.