Manual: Quantification Analytics Tool User Manual

Authored on
March 19, 2021

The Quantification Analytics Tool (QAT) is a modernized solution for country-led supply planning. QAT leverages new technologies to enhance and modernize the functionality offered by the incumbent PipeLine and Quantimed (module 2) tools by providing advanced scenario planning and updated planning logic. It also streamlines the supply planning activities. Furthermore, the QAT enables offline functioning that helps users log their data even when there is no network coverage. QAT is changing the paradigm of legacy planning solutions by leveraging master data management to drive standardization and increase visibility across all programs.

This new tool seeks to enable users to optimize commodity procurement and delivery schedules, monitor the stock status of products and share data with external platforms and key stakeholders. This manual walks users through background on the tool and its development, as well as how it can be used and leveraged to improve supply planning.


March 19, 2021