Tool: Human Resources for Traceability Implementation

Authored on
May 8, 2020

For country programs to begin to develop and operationalize visions for pharmaceutical traceability in local healthcare systems, adequate human resources are required to execute the required tasks accompanying traceability activities and work. The following tools have been designed for country programs and national authorities to adopt and adapt in resourcing in-country traceability implementation strategies:

  • Notional organizational diagram
  • Primary responsibilities and required skillset for the roles identified in the notional organizational diagram
  • Detailed job descriptions for traceability project manager, regulatory specialist, and supply chain master data management specialist roles

These resources have been developed using lessons learned from case studies that documented implementation of global standards, in addition to informational interviews with key stakeholders that have supported pharmaceutical traceability programs in the European Union (EU), United States, and sub-Saharan Africa. The tools have been created specifically to support national governments that are executing pharmaceutical traceability strategies in their health systems.


May 8, 2020