Technical Report: Developing Robust Sustainable O2 Supply for Patients in Tajikistan

Authored on
August 7, 2022

When COVID-19 arrived in Tajikistan in early 2020, the country's oxygen supply chain infrastructure was unprepared, and clinical outcomes suffered. Responding to Tajikistan's need to upgrade oxygen delivery and develop training and standardized procedures, USAID tasked the GHSC-PSM project with procuring and delivering health commodities, including oxygen equipment. The GHSC-PSM project worked to support Tajikistan's Ministry of Health with the procurement of pressure swing adsorption (PSA) systems in hospitals, oxygen cylinders, and many more commodities to create a sustainable supply of oxygen. After procurement of these commodities, it was clear that there were systemic gaps in oxygen management that needed to be addressed on a nationwide level. Through training and education, the GHSC-PSM project was able to take steps to address these gaps in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, strengthening oxygen management systems for better patient outcomes. Learn more about our work with Tajikistan's oxygen supply and oxygen management systems in this technical brief.


August 26, 2022