Performance Report: Mozambique COVID-19 Technical Support Brief

Authored on
January 5, 2023

This technical brief from Mozambique documents how GHSC-PSM supported the government with four key activities for COVID-19 response and includes key lessons that others may learn from. For personal protective equipment (PPE) distribution for supply chain and health workers, the project integrated PPE donations into existing warehouse and logistics management systems and helped strengthen distribution systems at all levels of the supply chain. For vaccination programs, GHSC-PSM supported the transport of more than 7.4 million syringes and more than 1.8 million #COVID-19 vaccine doses and helped strengthen cold chain management. To improve access to oxygen treatment, the project arranged the delivery of 15 portable oxygen concentrators, procured 1,100 liquid oxygen cylinders, and supported the installation of a pressure swing adsorption plant at Monapo Hospital. And to help respond to both COVID-19 and other future public health threats, GHSC-PSM led development of a new Emergency Supply Chain (ESC) Unit and Manual which, to ensure sustainability, became a sub-group of the Supply Chain Working Group, an official government activity. 


January 11, 2023