Better Data Quality, Better Decision-Making

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February 28, 2023
Lead Paragraph/Summary

Prior to the implementation of Data Quality Assessment, supply chain data quality and visibility were issues in Sierra Leone, affecting the use of data for informed decision-making at district-level health facilities. The GHSC-PSM project in 2017, began implementing Data Quality Assessment (DQA),  in collaboration with Sierra Leone government health agencies, ( Directorate of Medical Supplies, National Medical Supplies Agency, and National Malaria Control Program), including other implementing partners working in the health supply chain. 

The DQA tool has enabled Sierra Leone to identify data quality challenges and their sources. The tool also provides corrective actions, such as improving the data collection process through standardized forms and incorporating internal validations before reporting to districts.

GHSC-PSM uses a standard confidence indicator to measure the average rating of in-country data to assess the quality of data submitted to the country logistics management information system (LMIS) at all supply chain levels, including both storage sites and service delivery points (SDPs). To improve data visibility, and quality, at the district level, the project set up district forecast and distribution technical working groups to manage and supervise data use for decision-making.

The Data Quality Assessment, is done by reviewing the data source and reported stock data against required data elements. The data is then rated based on availability, accuracy, and time. Average ratings across supply chain levels can provide insight on how much confidence should be ascribed to aggregated supply chain data when making strategic decisions.

The project supported the District Health Management teams through the district forecast and distribution technical working group, health supply chain activities including supportive supervision, data extraction cleaning, analysis, and use for informed decision-making.

GHSC-PSM also expanded its intervention in malaria supply chain monitoring system across all districts supporting and mentoring facility staff in inventory and store management, among other supply chain technical areas, to enhance the visibility, quality, and use of supply chain data.

The project will continue collaborating with district health management teams through the district forecast and distribution technical working group to improve data visibility, quality, and use.
GHSC-PSM will continue to work with and collaborate with DHMTs to improve data visibility, quality, and use.