Recognizing Excellence: Namibia’s National Pharmacists Forum 2021

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April 20, 2021
Lead Paragraph/Summary

Held March 16-19, 2021, the National Pharmacists Forum in Namibia provided an overview of antiretroviral therapy and it was an opportunity to learn how to utilize data from the logistics management information system, pharmaceutical management information system and other systems to ensure continuous availability of pharmaceuticals and related supplies.

To nurture a culture of innovation and continuous improvement in the delivery of pharmaceuticals services, for the first time this year’s forum recognized the three best performing health facilities and regions. The awards are based on the weighted scores obtained in supervisory support visits (SSVs), reporting, and functionality of their multidisciplinary therapeutic committees that identify and mitigate medicine use issues.

Learn more about the forum and see which health facilities and regions were awarded in our new photo essay:

Recognizing Excellence