Tablets Bring Data Insights to Logistics in Mozambique

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August 30, 2017
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Most countries see about 2 percent of their total supply chain in real time because the data reflect only national warehousing, omitting regional and local information. This can impede insights on crucial management issues like stock levels and upcoming expiries. Electronic logistics management information systems (eLMIS), like the one recently rolled out in Mozambique, help close this data gap, allowing for more strategic decisions that inform better care and services.

eLMIS Tablet Interface
eLMIS Tablet Interface
eLMIS Tablet Interface
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Mozambique’s Central Medical Stores (CMAM) adopted the eLMIS solution SIGLUS (Sistema de Informação e Gestão de Logistica para Unidades Sanitarias), a mobile application that allows health facilities to manage their stocks and orders electronically. Through a web-based portal, CMAM and provincial and district health authorities more easily collect stock-level data, which health facilities provide using the tablets.

GHSC-PSM helped bring the tablet-based eLMIS technology to 131 sites this fiscal year. The team now is assisting the Mozambique Ministry of Health to bring the solution to scale, with plans for an additional 300 sites in fiscal year 2018, with support from UNICEF, UNFPA, Médecins Sans Frontières and others.

The tablet user interface mimics previously used paper forms. It also includes online/offline functionality with automatic synchronization when a mobile signal is available. Automated calculations and color-coded alerts warn of over-stocking and upcoming expiries.

ThoughtWorks Inc. developed SIGLUS on the OpenLMIS platform with support from the Clinton Health Access Initiative and the UK Department for International Development.