Launch of the Inaugural EUV Working Group

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Lead Paragraph/Summary

The End-User Verification (EUV) Survey is a tool that captures facility-level stock data for GHSC-PSM and PMI in 16 countries. Our country teams are the heartbeat of the EUV, so we have recently established an EUV Working Group (EUV WG) to ensure we capture the needs, experience and insights of our project staff.

The inaugural EUV WG meeting took place on June 17, 2020, with 11 participants from nine field offices and the HQ EUV team. During the meeting, we discussed proposed maternal and child health survey questions to understand cold chain resources across countries and how these questions should be structured to improve the quality of available oxytocin. The discussion yielded insights into the context in which oxytocin is stored in countries and related issues – for instance, the group considered how power outages and mixed messaging around oxytocin storage could impact oxytocin quality. The resulting survey questions are being piloted in Liberia during the July 2020 EUV activity.