NSCA Webinar

Lead Paragraph/Summary

USAID is pleased to announce the National Supply Chain Assessment (NSCA) webinar on Monday March 2 at 8AM Eastern Standard Time (see your timezone here) to discuss our flagship supply chain assessment tool, the NSCA. Click on this link to register for the webinar.

NSCA is a comprehensive toolkit that assesses the capability and performance at all levels of a health supply chain, or can be targeted to focus on a specific level or technical area within the supply chain system. The tool has been implemented in over 20 countries and the thorough information provided by the assessment allows stakeholders to understand and guide the current state of the in country supply chain, highlighting whether a supply chain is under-performing, meeting expectations or exceeding the expected performance for the capability maturity of the system.

The NSCA was updated under USAID’s Global Health Supply Chain Program - NSCA Task Order, implemented by Axios International and has recently undergone a revision, NSCA 2.0.1.

Key improvements in the NSCA 2.0.1 toolkit include:

  • Updated capability maturity model (CMM) questions
  • Improved navigation of CMM analysis templates
  • Inclusion of RACI and SWOT analysis exercises
  • Upgraded sampling template
  • Updated Implementation Guide
  • Full toolkit available in French

An overview of the toolkit, its impact and what it means for improving public health supply chains in developing countries will be discussed during the webinar. For questions pertaining to this webinar, please contact nsca@usaid.gov.