Pakistan Sets Supply Chain Integration Priorities for 2017

December 22, 2016
Lead Paragraph/Summary

Since its launch in July 2016, the GHSC-PSM team in Pakistan has made significant strides, establishing an office in Islamabad, hiring long- and short-term staff to support its activities, and fine-tuning strategic priorities for how best to integrate the country’s supply chain. Toward this end, the team recently met with federal government and provincial leaders, as well as representatives from donors, development partners, and private sector organizations, to review a project analysis of Pakistan’s supply chain system, focusing on such issues as integration, gaps, co-financing, and sustainability.

The result is a prioritized list of activities for fiscal year 2017. These include: restructuring secondary transportation systems, improving procurement performance, conducting forecasts, providing technical assistance in commodity security, building on the logistics management information system, professionalizing the supply chain workforce, and reducing waste.

Building on the work of the USAID| DELIVER project, GHSC-PSM is taking a more strategic advisory role as Pakistan has gained increasing organizational capacity in supply chain management. The work planning session was also informed by an in-depth assessment of the current supply chain landscape in Pakistan. In close consultation with USAID, the team spent two months analyzing supply chain operations and conducting more than 50 stakeholder interviews.