Country Approach

The goal of the USAID Global Health Supply Chain Program-Procurement and Supply Management (GHSC-PSM) project in Pakistan is to continue and expand aspects of critical activities conducted under the previous project (USAID | DELIVER) and engage new activities to transform, integrate, and optimize Pakistan’s supply chain systems.

GHSC-PSM is working with identified provincial governments to holistically modernize supply chain systems at all levels, restructure secondary transportation in selected provinces from a "collection" model to a "delivery" model, and create new supply chain entities to better manage forecasting, supply planning, procurement, warehousing, and distribution with data-based decision-making using management information system tools.

Activity Highlights

Since July 2016, GHSC-PSM staff have worked closely with the Federal Expanded Program on Immunization Islamabad, Central Warehouse and Supplies in Karachi, People Primary Healthcare Initiative in Sindh, and health and population welfare departments in Sindh and Punjab.

To develop a strong strategic vision, GHSC-PSM first conducted a thorough assessment of the supply chain landscape. After two months and more than 50 stakeholder interviews, the team produced a comprehensive analysis of current supply chain operations to inform our work for the next year and held a stakeholder meeting in December 2016 to present proposed activities to federal and provincial counterparts.

GHSC-PSM’s strategic vision is guided by four overarching principles:


  1. The strategic assessment demonstrated a unique and exciting opportunity to transform, integrate, and optimize vertical supply chains in select provinces in Pakistan. GHSC-PSM will work with identified provinces to develop three- to five-year supply chain strategies that will include integration and optimization initiatives.
  2. GHSC-PSM proposes a highly individualized plan for working with provincial and federal government counterparts that recognizes and celebrates achievements to date, accounts for political willingness to change, and leverages current and future potential partnerships from within the donor community.
  3. With a continual eye toward sustainability, GHSC-PSM will pivot away from undertaking activities on behalf of the government toward a true systems strengthening approach to build individual and organizational capacity within provincial governments to increase ownership and ensure a successful transition.
  4. GHSC-PSM’s management information system team in Pakistan will ensure robust, sustainable logistics management and information system tools to increase usage, data accuracy, and availability of commodities.


With the inclusion and support of stakeholders throughout the work planning process, GHSC-PSM has initiated activities to build a truly integrated and optimized supply chain in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa provinces.


Success Stories

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