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March 3, 2020
Located near Zimbabwe's border with Botswana, Plumtree District Hospital has an HIV/AIDS clinic that serves 4,000 patients within the region. Within the clinic are a dedicated team of health professionals that include two resourceful laboratory technicians who are overcoming significant challenges…
News Article
January 10, 2020
Often the real supply chain heroes are hidden from public view and work tirelessly behind the scenes, making sure the health supply chain runs smoothly. Patients value the care of extraordinary doctors, nurses and therapists, but rarely are health center information technology (IT) personnel…
March 26, 2019
As a laboratory technician and mother, Anita Shimirimana plays a critical role in the health supply chain in Burundi. Through her work at Ngozi Autonomous Hospital, patients who undergo HIV blood tests receive results to monitor their health, allowing health care workers to provide the necessary…