Management Information System Operation

GHSC-PSM is committed to continuous improvement in health outcomes and to explore innovations that may advance to this end. As global health supply chains expand and become more complex, the information systems that are used to manage them need to mature as well.

The Management Information System (MIS) team supports country programs to enhance the functionalities and capabilities of their information systems in order to improve access to quality data, and ultimately help to achieve end-to-end data visibility. All GHSC-PSM countries have implemented forms of IT solutions to track and manage the logistic information within its country. Some countries have implemented an automated electronic logistic management information system (eLMIS) and/or a warehouse management system (WMS) transactional system(s) in supporting the national supply chain operation. Listed below are those countries with their MIS operational architecture available for reference:

Furthermore, the MIS team provides system interoperability recommendations to integrate existing information systems in establishing a single data source that is current and accurate for all relevant actors. Lastly, working groups sessions and thematic presentations are organized periodically to help spread new tools, procedures, and share lessons learned.

The working group sessions offer relevant guidance towards robust, sustainable, and digitally enabled country supply chains. In-country lessons learned in planning, implementing, and maintaining Information Systems for healthcare systems within the GHSC-PSM project are shared across stakeholders.

System Development Life Cycle
  • Standardize the terminology and operation for MIS Projects
  • Outline a standard operation process for monitoring and managing the MIS project throughout the MIS project life cycle
  • Identify phases, key activities and associated deliverables for a waterfall or agile development methodology
  • Develop essential documents and artifacts to sustain continuous system operation

SDLC Framework for MIS Implementation

SDLC Phases for Planning and Implementing a New or Upgraded IT Solution in Country

SDLC Phases for planning and implementing a new or upgraded IT solution in country